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Paraguay supports more than 650 species of birds -- about as many as all of North America. A surprising variety of unspoiled terrain for bird-watchers, hunters anglers and nature lovers.

In recent years, this small, landlocked country has opened up to the outside world. It has adopted democracy and free trade. It's friendly and relatively safe. Still, it's not often given serious consideration by travelers planning South American itineraries. Perhaps that's because its attractions aren't as dramatic as those of its neighbors. What it does have is a surprising variety of unspoiled terrain for bird-watchers, hunters, anglers and nature lovers -- ranging from savanna and marshland to subtropical farms, ranches and rain forest. Its stark, sparsely settled Chaco region, where most of the country's indigenous Guarani Indians reside, offers good opportunities for trekking. These days, you can have these more subtle pleasures nearly all to yourself.

Pigeon Hunting in Paraguay

This country of almost 6 million is one of two (Bolivia is the other) that are completely landlocked in South America. In the northwest region of Paraguay, is an area called the Chaco and it is known for one of the fastest growing wing shooting venues today-- pigeon hunting. That's right! Pigeon hunting has become very popular with the new hunter and Paraguay is at the top of the list. Outfitter & World Renounced wild cat specialist Rocky McBride has developed an excellent program on a 200 square miles working ranch in the Mennonite Chaco region of Paraguay. Rocky has twenty-five years of experience in Paraguay chasing the wild cats and setting up first class bird hunts. This no ordinary pigeon hunt, but more of a high volume affair as pigeons here devastate the local sorghum, soybean and corn crops. Many are owned by moderate Mennonites that have staked out land in this region and are happy for hunters to "cull" the population. This is a unique hunt in that pigeons, both the gray/blue and the beautiful Picazuro, are the primary focus of the trip. Sure, there are doves here but when hunters see those big wingspans, the smallish eared dove doesn't register as much attention.

Food & Accommodations

Our headquarters is will be at the lodge on the ranch and is by far the best place to stay for a pigeon shoot in Paraguay. The lodge is located just minutes from the fields and offers our groups a private lodge with accommodations for 12 hunters a week. Family style meals and good old fashion camaraderie is the mainstay here and while your stay will be full of fond memories of hunting, don't expect Rio de Janeiro here.

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