Frequently Asked Questions

When planning for any Hunt Trip, it is always important to be prepared. TE has gathered together a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding Cuba and Argentina Hunt Packages to help you better prepare for your adventure. If you have a specific concern that you don’t find listed here, please feel free to contact one of our experts and they will get back to you with the answer.

Q: Are there any health requirements I need to worry about?

No special shots are required to travel into Cuba and Argentina. All hunting locations are easily accessible.

Q: Are there any gun laws I should know about or documentation I should bring?

Federal gun registration numbers should accompany each gun. You should carry your Firearms License for Possession for re-entry into Canada. Passports are required as well as gun and gun barrel serial numbers for documentation to authorize guns in Cuba and Argentina. TE will obtain all required Gun Permits. Remember, your proper name must match the passport, air ticket and gun permit. Gun permits include make, model and serial numbers. Guns should be encased in a hard gun case with gun locks for normal air travel. Gun rentals are available in Cuba and Argentina if needed at a nominal cost.

Q: How much hunting can I expect to do?

There are two (2) planned hunt sessions per day, morning and afternoon. In Cuba, if a hunt session is rained out, there is a problem with transportation and/or there is another unforeseen problem, there is an extra day to add a hunt if needed. Hunting sessions, locations and guides’ assignments will be previously arranged for the hunt groups.

Q: What kind of hunting can I expect?

In Cuba, you can expect Bob White Quail over pointing dogs (in parties of 2 usually but 3 is allowed if requested). You can also look forward to Doves – Winged and Mourning – Snipe and Ducks. In Argentina – doves/pigeons/ducks by the millions: numerous species of ducks, as well as partridge. Also ‘Big Game’ hunting in Argentina for Trophy’s is available, and sport fishing. Each hunter will have his own guide, hunts his own location with an assigned guide, and dog if required, for the hunt period.

Q: What gear should I bring?

In Cuba, first on the list should be a “disposable” pair of running shoes. You may be hiking through some wet areas in the fields while looking for dove and snipe. For the quail hunts, bring a pair of low cut walking boots. For clothing, bring comfortable, cool clothes (ideally khaki and green). Cotton pants, short sleeve shirts and lots of socks and underwear is recommended. The climate is very similar to Florida’s, so plan accordingly. In Argentina, doves and pigeons are hunted twelve (12) months each year and hence, T.E. will provide you with a suggested list of clothing, etc at the time of booking a Hunt Trip. For the hunts, pack a shooting vest and/or pouch for shells. The guide will provide extra shells for you at each session.

Q: How much cash should I bring and will it be safe?

In Cuba, it is recommended you bring $750.00/week (Cdn $) to cover tips, refreshments and shells. You should tip your guide $50 - $75.00 CUC and maids $7 - $10.00 CUC at the end of the week. Refreshments (water, pop or beer) vary in price from $1.25 to $1.50 CUC each. American credit cards ARE NOT ACCEPTED, however Canadian cards are allowed at the hotel and may be used at the Banco International. For Argentina, T.E. generally custumize each Hunt Trip and if desired pre-payment for a number of items is often made by each hunter to reduce the amount of American dollars needed. Payment in Argentina is made via US Cash or Cheque drawn on a US registered bank. There is no need to carry a lot of cash with you each day as the hotel/lodge has a safe in the room for cash, passports and other valuables.

Q: Will I have to pay any taxes on my way back home?

Departure tax when leaving Cuba is $25.00 CUC,and Argentina (2013) is US $20.00. No other taxes and / or fees apply.

Q: Will I be roughing it while I am there?

No. Rooms are based on single occupancy, nicely appointed with air conditioning. 2 Queen sized beds, unless double occupancy is requested. As far as the extras, you should pack any soap, shampoo, bug repellent, after bite, sun glasses, sun block, shaving stuff, medications, cameras you may need. In Cuba, snacks and condiments are sometimes hard to come by so pack your Pringles (easy chip to pack), mustard, ketchup and maybe peanut butter.

Q: What if I have a medical emergency?

Cuba: Hospitals and emergency service in Cuba is very good.

Argentina Cordoba: The outfitter’s brother is a doctor (heart specialist) at a nearby hospital, so all medical services are immediately available.